Due to busy schedule it is not possible for every sport fan to watch their favorite games specially on week days. Even on weekend you did not get chances to see  your favorite sports and specially sport events like world cup and leagues because you have only one TV set in your house or you are over loaded with home work in weekend. So, what is the solution for those who want to get updated with score lives? Well there is website who updates you about the live score of almost all soccer games , basketball ,baseball etc.

Free live scoring website did not just provide you detail about live scoring but also give you information about current players and their performance in overall match. Our website also provide the commentary on each and every short and important events happened in the game.

The main advantage of using live score website is that you can view live score of multiple games at a time while this is not possible in TV and radio FM.

The other benefit of live score website is that it can help you in betting and selecting odds when you are traveling or not have access to TV. is providing free live score including other details like:

  • Timing of game so you can schedule accordingly.
  • Which players are playing and their scoring.
  • Where did match is playing and weather climate which can help in betting.
  • Complete stats of complete game in flow chart and pie chart (colored).
  • Future analysis on the bases of performance which can help in betting.
  • Live scores of seven games which includes soccer, tennis, basketball, snooker, hockey and football.
  • Free live commentary of each and every movement.
  • No ads or commercial which you usually see on TV or live streaming sites etc.
  • Live betting option available with live score like crown betting etc.

There is no need to have computer laptop to view livescore because our website is mobile supported which can be open perfectly without any error or losing graphics on all kind of mobile devices. So if you are travelling then you can enjoy your favorite sport’s live scoring.

The other websites which provide live score show so many ads and popup through which they earn but our website did not any kind of ads which means you can watch live score without any interruption.

The other main advantage of using our website for live score is that we also provide live video streaming and movements in odds for betting.

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